PURE Eyewear supplies glasses from de Stijl of Holland

De Stijl


De Stijl's collection of eyewear is designed for the larger adult head and follows in the footsteps of the artists that stood at the origins of the movement. Each model's basic design is a search for harmony through the use of lines and right angles and for the balance between the colours underlining the composition. The various elements are combined into an architectural entirety without the use of screws or welding by the hinge, which is the real masterpiece within the frames


The frames in De Stijl collection feature an exclusive hinge. The components of the patented hinge are seamlessly merged. It is manufactured entirely from stainless steel, giving it an extreme strength and unprecedented durability. The absence of screws means that the spectacle temple cannot become loose or wobble.
This technological concentration contains a unique flex system and integrated adjustment options enabling optimal maintenance and a maximum ease of use.

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